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The Aftershave Tackling Men’s Mental Health

5 months ago


The Aftershave Tackling Men’s Mental Health

Mental Health

In recent years, we have experienced what can only be described as a mental health crisis.

Demographically, one of the most severely affected groups is men, who stereotypically don’t feel comfortable talking about their internal struggles and feelings.

Such is the extent of this issue that 84 men commit suicide in the UK every week.

In fact, suicide is actually the biggest killer of men under 45.

Masculinity & Mental Health | Jason Wicks

Looking Up?

Fortunately, things are gradually starting to change.

Men are slowly beginning to realise that they don’t have to align to the traditional ‘alpha’ stereotype. We’re encouraged to show our sensitive side, and to talk about any problems we’re experiencing.

It’s slow progress, but it’s a start.

Male Grooming

Interestingly, I think the rapid rise of the male grooming market is proof that this stereotype is waning. It’s become pretty normal for guys to look after their appearance, and take pride in how they look.

Sure, just because you oil your beard and wear aftershave doesn’t mean you’re super sensitive, but it challenges and reforms society’s view of masculinity.

When it comes to mental health, this is exactly what needs to happen.

The more we continue to preserve the traditional concept of masculinity, the more unlikely it is that the dreaded ’84’ statistic will reduce.


This is where Kings comes in.

Kings is, as they put it, ‘a grooming brand with a mission’.

That mission of course, is to help men live healthier and happier lives.

Kings Aftershave | Mental Health | Jason Wicks

How They Do It

What makes Kings so interesting is that their entire business exists to address the problem of men’s mental health.

Because of this, they ‘give back’ in a variety of different ways.

  • 20% of their profits go to mental health charities.
  • They plan on building ‘urban gyms’ so that men can stay healthy and fit.
  • They also hope to develop a youth mentoring scheme, addressing the problem as early as possible.

It’s these actions that make Kings a really exciting upcoming brand.


As is often the case with these posts, I like to reflect on what makes these social enterprises successful. That way, budding social entrepreneurs can follow best practice in the future.

For me, there are two key ‘take-home’ lessons.

1. Problem-First Mindset

I mentioned this in my recent social leadership article, but it’s incredibly relevant here.

All too often, businesses tackle problems in a way that is convenient to them, not in a way that will best address the issue at hand.

With Kings, they’ve identified that a primary cause of men’s mental health problems is the way we depict masculinity. From that, their entire brand was created to change that perception, all while donating profits and partnering with other charities.

This is an incredibly effective way of creating actual social change, because it will actually reduce the problem, not just plaster over it.

2. Deep Integration 

Again this is something I’ve mentioned numerous times, but it’s just as important.

For a company’s mission to be taken seriously, it must exist at the very core of the business. With Kings, that’s certainly the case.

In fact, in my social impact article, I outlined the three ways that businesses can create social impact, stating that they should try and do at least two of them.

In short, the three ways were as follows:

  1. Create a product in a way that solves the problem
  2. Make a product that solves the problem
  3. Use profits to solve the problem

With Kings, they certainly do 2 and 3.

Firstly, their products, by redefining masculinity, can certainly address men’s mental health. Then, by donating profits to mental health charities, they tick the third box. To get the full house, Kings could employ people with known mental health issues in order to reduce the social exclusion that many people feel.

Maybe that’s one for the future.

Kings Aftershave | Mental Health | Jason Wicks

How You Can Help

For now though, this fantastic social enterprise needs your help.

To raise the money needed to launch their brand, Kings have set up a crowdfunding campaign.

If you wish to donate, or just learn more about them, click here.

Likewise feel free to check them out on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or their website:

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