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The Entrepreneur Bringing Elite Sport To The Masses

5 months ago


The Entrepreneur Bringing Elite Sport To The Masses

Inequality sadly exists in many forms, but elite sport expert Tim Harper is doing what he can to reduce it.

With an impressive background in high performance support, Tim grew frustrated at the talent being wasted in disadvantaged countries.

Without access to the necessary resources, talented athletes in poorer, smaller countries were never fulfilling their potential.

From this observation, Harper Performance was born.

HP Projects: Sport Social Enterprise | Jason Wicks

Harper Performance

Registered as a social enterprise in 2016, Harper Performance has a really interesting business model.

Effectively, the business is split into two distinct branches.

  1. HP Professional
  2. HP Projects

In essence, HP Professional is the UK based side of the business, supporting athletes from rally drivers to footballers. The money generated from HP Professional is then reinvested into HP Projects, the international division.

The more I’ve learnt about it, the more impressed I’ve become.

It’s nice to see a business adopt this sort of model, using one revenue stream to fund their social activities. What’s more, it appears to be a really effective way to strike that balance between financial and social success. In a world where organisations sometimes don’t know how to approach social activities, this is a fantastic way forward.

HP Projects

Currently, Harper Performance are invested in three distinct projects:

  1. Athletics in Kenya
  2. Uganda Football Academy
  3. Liberia Football Academy

Naturally, these countries lack the opportunities that more developed regions enjoy, massively limiting how potential can be fulfilled. By providing cost effective, yet high quality support to people in these areas, HP Projects can help create genuine social change.

In addition, HP Projects also have a key sustainability component. Instead of just completing their work and leaving, HP aim to create locally-driven programmes that can be maintained on a long term basis.

HP Projects: Sport Social Enterprise | Jason Wicks

More Than Just Sport?

Perhaps some people would say that their are bigger problems in the world that unequal opportunities in elite sport.

Perhaps those people are right.

Or are they?

As I touched upon when I looked at Cookhouse, sometimes the ‘smaller’ problems make the biggest differences. Something like sport may seem inconsequential, but for some, it can be life changing.

In essence, HP Projects give disadvantaged people an opportunity. An opportunity to reach their potential. To do things they thought were beyond them.

Yes, there are bigger problems in the world. But surely it’s better to successfully solve a small problem than never make progress with a larger one?


  • Even seemingly minor problems are worth solving.
  • Harper Performance noticed an inequality in elite sport.
  • Their innovative two prong model balances business and social success.
  • Their ‘HP Projects’ help people from deprived areas to fulfil their potential.

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Fancy reading more about Harper Performance? Check out their website here.

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